The Micro Escape Agency

For very brief moments one is able to escape reality, and just as quickly as they left, return, with nothing to act as a placeholder for the moment of escape other than the uneasy feeling of being removed from the ordinary. The subject is not required to physically move anywhere at all, but their sense of being is shifted measurably, as a brief but intense spike of abnormality.

Within the context of the project, I established The Micro Escape Agency, a collective of ‘reality editors’, who warp, rearrange, insert and remove snippets of crowds, spaces, architectures and objects, in order to create the opportunity for others to be swept away from the banality of their routines, into the inverted and nebulous mind-space of the ‘Reality Slip'. We act, primarily within the scope of this project, as performers within the city to create instances of what I define as a ‘Theatre for One’. Carefully choreographed interventions, or designed experiences, be it physical or visual, are rendered and consumed by a single person through a lens that cannot be controlled by the performer, but moreover, carefully understood, mapped, and exploited.

CCTV, in turn, is one of these scrutinising lenses. Its boundaries mediate and restrict action to create metaphysical stages and ‘curtains’, storyboards and frames that slice reality into abstract arrangements. collapsing a space into two dimensional narratives, each of which acting as a container for four dimensional activity.

'Much like my earlier analogy of a ‘Micro-Escape’ being a fleeting variation of the ‘Reality Slip’, ‘Theatre for One’ becomes participatory theatre rebuilt by the architect of reality television.'